Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

So, I discovered tonight that this movie is playing right down the road next week. I missed it the first time around last month (I was away on a cruise that weekend) and now that I see it's coming back I'm wondering, should I go?

I'll be honest here. It is very likely that I will never run a full marathon. I loved doing the half, and will probably do more, I love that distance, nice challenge, etc. However, I just don't see myself as a marathoner, as much as I love running, I just don't think I want to train for a full at this point.

With that being said, I am intrigued by this movie though. I love hearing about other people doing the full 26.2, even if I don't think I'll be one of them someday.

So, I wonder, should I go and see this movie? I think I should. I am going to see if I can get DH to go with me, I'm sure he will, even though he is not a runner. It's a shame, the one running friend I had here just moved out of state a few months ago (and she just ran a 10 miler last weekend in 80 minutes - hate her!). But, if DH doesn't want to go, I'm thinking of making it a night out alone if I have to.

Not much to report on the workout front today, same ole. I think I did a 6 mile run yesterday, and today I mixed it up a bit, 3 miles on the elliptical, then I hopped onto the treadmill and ran 3.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One of those runs.....

Have you ever had one of those runs, where you just don't feel like getting it done? That was sort of like my run this morning.

Alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, I like to run first thing, I'm just a morning runner. Got out by 6:45, it was just starting to get a little light outside. Weather was perfect, probably low to mid 50's, no wind. I figured I'd do somewhere between 8-10 miles, I just went out with the plan of running until I felt like stopping (pretty much how all my runs go).

I don't use a Garmin, or anything like that, heck I don't even bring a watch with me. This is the cheesy way I figure out the mileage of my runs. I look at the stove clock as I am leaving, and I look at it again when I get back. I also have a few mapped out routes that I do, so that helps too. The only time I know my true mileage is during the week when I run at the gym, when I run outside once or twice a week, I just wing it. It works for me.

Today I took a different route, one that I hadn't done in a while, it was nice having the change of scenery. But, after maybe 45 minutes or so, I just wasn't into it, even though I was feeling pretty good, I could have continued going, I wasn't really tired, I just felt like stopping. Hard to explain really.

So, as I was coming back home, I didn't know for sure how long I had been out, but I was guessing it had been about an hour. I knew it wasn't good when the first thing I heard my husband say as I walked in the door was "wow, that was quick today". I looked at the clock....I had run only about 55 minutes. Oh well, at least I got something done, even if it wasn't exactly the mileage I had planned.

I'm guessing I ran 6 miles today, nothing concrete, just going by the clock again. And, based on the fact that I typically run 9-9:30 miles, and today felt like I was keeping a nice pace. So, now "9 on the 9th" or "9 on the 10th" for me. I'll try next time!

Friday, February 8, 2008

9 on the 9th?

I see that a lot of people are doing this "9 on the 9th" run. I'd like to do it, wonder if I can do it on Sunday, instead?? Tomorrow needs to be my off day, as I've just worked out for 6 days in a row. I love taking Saturdays off, then doing my long run on Sunday mornings, just makes for a great run after a day of rest. Weather should be perfect this weekend for a morning run, 50-60 is typically my ideal running temp.

Last night and this morning, I felt like I was coming down with something, now I feel just fine, go figure. Got on the treadmill with the goal of doing 6 miles, but thought I'd have to stop early. Run went a lot better than I thought it would, and I got the 6 miles done.

Nothing exciting to tell about my workouts since my last post. They've been pretty much the same this week, I think I did about 6 miles each day, with one day being on the elliptical, the other days running on the treadmill.

Todays stats - 6 miles at the gym, in about 54 minutes

Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally getting this thing started!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now, and I'm finally getting around to it. Please excuse the "boringness" of this blog, I'm working on getting it all finished and pretty, just going to take me some time. I hope by starting this, I will continue to stay motivated, meet some runners, etc.

I have been running for more than 10 years, but really only got interested in races and increasing speed, mileage, etc., within the past couple of years. Before that, I was probably running 3-5 miles a pop, and I was just happy there. Running just makes me feel great, keeps me in shape, etc. Just something I love to do.

No races planned at the moment. I may do a 15K at Disney in May, I did this race 2 years ago as my first real race, and I loved it. Other than that, nothing planned, but you never know.

Unfortunately, a lot of my runs are done at the gym, on the treadmill. Reason for this is the fact that I have my daughter to look after, so she comes along with me to the gym, has a blast in the daycare there, while mommy gets in her workouts. I do make sure to get in at least one (but preferably two) outdoor run per week, especially this time of year when it's a little cooler here in FL.

That's all for now, need to go pick up the little one at school.

Stats for today -

Elliptical at gym - 50 minutes - 6 miles

Yesterday - 9 mile run outdoors