Friday, May 16, 2008

Break out the Roller Blades

I've had them for probably 10 years, but haven't used them in at least 2. I dug them out of the garage last week, I take the little one down the street each day to play with all the neighborhood kids, and I figured if I have to be out there, I may as well squeeze in some extra exercise, right?

When I took them out of the garage last week, the buckle part was broken on both of them. Probably the Florida heat melted them, I figure. But, they're still usable, so I'm throwing them on each afternoon, yesterday I scooted around on them for 2 hours, and this was after a 7 mile run earlier in the day - yay! I love finding ways for extra exercise.

Speaking of the FL heat, it's hot here. I decided the other day to run outdoors while my little one was at school - at 12 in the afternoon. Temp was probably in the low 80's, which is about 20 degrees above my maximum running temp. I don't know what I was thinking, but it wasn't all that bad, I think I thought it would be worse. Humidity has been on the low side, so it was more do-able than I thought it would be. But, I think my occasional outdoor runs are not going to happen again for quite some time, unless it gets done at 6am. Otherwise, the treadmill it is.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes it's just the little things

So, I posted recently about not feeling like much of a runner lately, which I know is silly, as I am still running most days of the week. But, I wanted to share a little thing that happened, that lifted my spirits a bit.

I was at the gym, running on the treadmill, at about mile 5 of a planned 6 mile run. I have runs where I'm all into it from the second I start, I feel great, crank up the speed a bit, etc. Then I sometimes have runs like the one on this day, I just wasn't into it. I felt okay, but just didn't feel like completing the run, but I kept going. A lady had been walking on the treadmill next to me, and when she got off she said something that I thought was so nice. She said "hey, I just have to tell you, you're doing great, you're here every day running, and I think it's great that you're dedicated like that, great job". I thanked her, and she was off on her way. It gave me a little boost, and I was able to increase my speed for the last mile to an 8 min/mile pace (I usually run faster for the last mile, I know it's not exactly official "training", but it works for me).

It was such a little thing, this random lady saying something to me, but it really lifted me for that day. I really appreciated that.

Skipped the gym yesterday, my little one had a school field trip to the zoo and I chaperoned. It was fun, and tiring, it was close to 90 degrees (yuck). Today I'll run while she's at school, just didn't feel like dealing with the crazy traffic around here this morning to get to the gym at our usual 8am time. So, I'll arrive at her school to pick her up all gross and sweaty, but it'll be worth it.