Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gotta get back on that wagon!

Haven't been around in a while, does anyone still read this thing? I don't blame you if you don't, I really should post a wee bit more often, shouldn't I.

Life was a bit busy there for a bit, end of school year stuff going on, then we were in NY last week. It was awesome to be home, the weather was wonderful, it was nice to see family. This was the first trip where Ava seemed to understand more that everyone really does live far away from us. As we were leaving, she cried that she didn't want to leave her cousins, her aunts, etc. Sure made me cry, I just did not want to come back to Florida. If I could afford it, I'd be looking at real estate on Long Island right now, I really want to be closer to family. One good thing about that though, one of my sisters is moving to North Carolina this summer. I have been looking into a move there for the past year or two, so this will be great that I'll have family there if I do make the move. A few other family members would be likely to follow too.

I did have one amazing run in NY though, it was only a 6 miler, but every second of it felt great, and the weather was absolutely perfect for running, it was around 57 degrees, ahhhh just so nice. It was seriously one of the highlights of my trip, running through the streets of where I grew up, enjoying the large trees (we have itty bitty trees here in Orlando - boring). Running outdoors in FL this time of year is brutal, so being able to run outside in June and enjoy it was just so nice.

So, coming from the land of boring food, and going to a place where there are so many delights that I just miss having around, boy does that not help the waistline. I have not been on a scale, but I'm sure a couple of pounds have found their way to me, I ate too much good food last week! Thankfully, most of my clothes still fit fine, but I can just feel that I need to buckle down and stop eating badly, and increase my workouts. I miss the days of long runs and 6 days per week of workouts. Only a few months ago, I was always at the gym, 6-8 mile runs were normal for me, with up to a 10-12 mile run on a weekend. I so need to get back there, the past few weeks my workouts have consisted of shorter runs, and less frequent, averaging 2-3 times a week. I do plan to buckle down now though, I can still do the longer runs, it's not like I'm unable to handle them, it's just the desire is not where it was a few months ago, I need that motivation back I guess. I'll get there.

I'll try to update this a bit more often now, if I have anything exciting to talk about. Now that we're back home and it's summer vacation, it's pretty boring and uneventful around here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Vacation..

Starts tomorrow here. Ava has her last day of school, then it's about 10 weeks of summer! At first, I was a bit worried about having to keep her entertained aaaalll day long, every day, since she is my only child. But, I am starting to embrace the idea of having her home all day, and I am going to try hard to make this a great summer for her.

We are going home to NY in less than two weeks, I am really looking forward to being there, visiting with family, etc. Haven't been back in a year, so it's long overdue. Looking forward to a lot of relax time, and we'll also do a day in Manhattan, and a day at Yankee stadium. Then in July we'll hopefully go to a gulf beach here in Florida, probably the St Pete area, do a long weekend there. Other than that, just lots of day trips planned, Disney, zoo, beach, parks, lots of time at the pool, playdates with friends, etc. I have to say, I will enjoy not having to rush at the gym for a while. As it is now, we go in the early morning, because she doesn't have to be at school until 11:30, so it always winds up being rushed. I certainly will not miss that, it will be nice to have pretty much unlimited time at the gym this summer.

On the workout front, not a lot new going on, I am so boring! Since it's now over 90 each day here, I am running outdoors much less frequently, and I have no races planned, just not the season for races here. I hope to do another Half in the late fall/early winter, I would love to beat the time of the one I did in December (2:11) and Disney has an evening 13K race at Hollywood Studios that I definitely want to do this year. I missed it last year, but it sounds too fun, need to do that one.

So, I've just been doing my daily runs, elliptical machine, stuff like that. I have started using my home elliptical every now and then when I don't want to drive to the gym. Bought it 3 years ago, but stopped using it when I joined the gym. So, it's nice to get some use out of that.