Friday, September 12, 2008

Spinning, Sickies, etc

For about a year now, I've been saying that I want to try out a spin class. Just thought it would be something different to cross train my running, maybe even something a little fun. I joined a new gym last month, and I had not really taken the time yet to look at their class schedule (except for the kid's fitness class for Ava, she loves it!).

So, I'm running on the treadmill on Monday morning, was just about to hit the 30 minute mark, when an instructor came running through the gym asking if anyone wants to try out a spin class. It was a rough morning, I was just about to quit and call it a day after just 30 minutes. But, I decided to try it out, and I loved it! I looked around the room a few times, wondering it I stood out as the newbie, was I doing everything right? The guy next to me asked if it was my first class, and when I told him yes, he told me he was surprised, because I looked like a "natural". Okay, maybe I wasn't doing so bad after all!

Did it again on Wednesday morning, loved it even more (liked the Weds instructor a little better). It's such a great workout, but man is it hard on the legs! My legs were very sore Thursday and again today, bad enough that I skipped both days of the gym. :-( It's funny how I can run, do the Elliptical, etc., but doing a different cardio workout just works the muscles differently I guess. With the way my legs felt yesterday, I felt like I had just started working out. The best part is that the class is at 6am three times during the week. I like to get to the gym when they open at 5:30, so it's nice that I can get 30 minutes in of running, then do the 45 minute spin class, feels great after all of that!

My husband has strep throat, and guess what I found out I have today? Yup, good ole strep. Fun times. I rarely get sick, so this just stinks, but what can you do. At this point, I'm just hoping that Ava doesn't get it, I'd hate to see a 4 year old have to deal with something like that.

Not much else new going on here. I have a few races in mind for the upcoming months, but have not officially registered for any of them yet. A 10K at Disney next month that I did a couple of years ago, it was a fun race. One or two local 5K's I am considering, but just not sure, I never feel motivated to sign up for a 5K for some reason? I'm thinking about a 13K at Disney in November, need to check to see if it's full yet actually. It's pricey, I just can't decide if I feel like paying the big tab for it. And, I'm hoping to do a half in late November too. We shall see.


Jess said...

Spinning is fun, isn't it?

Let me know if you want to plan to meet up at the Disney 10K. I don't know what your planned pace is or anything, but if you want to meet at the start, let me know!

I too would like to do the Tower of Terror 13K, but I think I'll save it for next year. Disney is like a smorgasboard of races!

Erin Leigh said...

Yay on getting to spin finally!! I can't wait to get in there again.

Sorry you guys are sick.

J~Mom said...

I still need to spin at the gym. The classes are never at a good time. Hope you feel better soon!!

Caren said...

I've never tried spinning, I know I should, I have a lot of friends who love it.

Hope you feel better soon. Strep sucks!

Steve Stenzel said...

Enjoy the late season races!!