Sunday, November 30, 2008

To Half, or not to Half

There is a half marathon here this weekend, it's the race I did last year. Not the most exciting course, but for the $40 price tag, it's not too bad, basically running around Downtown Orlando.

I can't decide if I should run it or not. I have not signed up yet, honestly, I have been logging small mileage lately, so I just hadn't thought about it much. My average runs have been around 3-6 miles for the past month or two, have not done many "big" mileage runs lately.

This morning, I did 10 miles, and felt good, it was the longest run I have done in quite some time. It got me to thinking about the half, and wondering if maybe I should go for it? I don't feel confident that I'll do better than last year (2:11), but I also hope that if I finish in more than that, that I'm not bummed about it. So, I just can't decide what to do, I don't want to struggle out there, I want to enjoy it, if I think I'm going to struggle, I'll just do some more longer runs and do a half in a month or two down the road.

But, I keep thinking about this darn race, as it's been a year since my last half, and I'm itching to do one. I figure, if I felt good after running 10 today, that hopefully I can handle 13 without it being too hard? This is the race that I signed up for on a whim last year. I went out for a run on Thanksgiving morning, and when I realized I had run 12, I went home and signed up for the race, which was a week away.

Oh, what to do, what to do!


Jess said...

What half is in Orlando this upcoming weekend? Usually, I'm abreast of most FL HMs and Ms, but this I do not know of!

Running Jen said...

Jess - It's the OUC Half Marathon. If I don't do this one, I will do a different one in Jan or Feb, as a new, different course would be nice!

J~Mom said...

I think that if you can run 10 comfortably that you would be fine! I say go for it! :>)

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting : ) I hope your daughter doesn't have to go back to the patch. Luckily Gabe really didn't mind wearing it, but he was pretty happy to hear that he didn't have to wear it anymore, so I can imagine how tough it would have been if he had fought us on it.

And about the half - I'd go for it! If you can run 10 comfortably, you're definitely ready for a half!

Michelle said...

Hey Jen - thanks, and yes, I am due Jan. 8th! Glad you found me again : )