Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rough Week

I've run twice this week, yesterday and today. Yesterday, did a 6 miler that was a lot more challenging than usual. Then today, did 3, and that felt even harder than yesterday's 6! I have been sleeping terribly all week, so I'm assuming that's the reason for the tough runs. About a week ago, my daughter suddenly started waking up in the middle of the night, then getting up very early in the morning. Something seems to be scaring her, we're still trying to figure out why this is suddenly happening. She's almost 5, and this is the first time we've gone through something like this with her for so many nights in a row. So, needless to say, mommy has been missing sleep every single night for the past week.

During this morning's 3 miler, something happened that has only happened twice (that I can remember) in the 12 or so years that I've been running. I tripped and fell. The first time it happened was almost 2 years ago, approaching the finish line of a race at Disney. That was fun, since there were lots of spectators to watch my face plant. Today, of course it had to happen on a somewhat busy road, cars were going by. I was on the sidewalk, but how embarrassing, I'm sure some of those people had stories to tell of the silly runner falling flat on her face.

I am doing a 10K on Sunday, and after today's run, I am no longer looking forward to it. 6 miles is typically pretty easy for me, but with today's 3 feeling so difficult and tiring, I am starting to wonder if I can even handle a 10K right now. If I don't start getting some sleep, I can't see how I'll do well at all. For example, I was up at 4am for the day this morning, this was after going to bed at 11pm and being up with the little one at 12:30 for a bit. This has been the routine for a week, and I'm not liking it much!

I no longer have any goals for this race, if I do it, I'll just be happy to finish the darn thing at this point. The other 10K I did I finished in 1 hour, so I would like to finish this in a few minutes less than that, but I'm not listing that as a goal. We'll just have to see if I can handle it, can I finish this strong at all, and hopefully there won't be any falls for me this time!

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Erin Leigh said...

Hey you! How was the race. Hoping it went ok for you after the tough week you had.